Your Customers Can't Hire You
If They Can't Find You.


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Ever wonder how your competitors
are on the first page of Google and in
the "Map Pack" in Search Engines?


We build top quality WordPress websites that get attention,
look polished and professional.


Full Done-For-You websites
that include everything to get
your phone ringing off the hook!!


Combining our vast experience of running Pay-Per-Click Ads and our knowledge of your local area.


Ever have an ad track you for days after you've for searched a
product or service? ...HELLO!!


Brick and Mortar Businesses can allow their Customers to See Inside their locations to gain instant trust.

The Tricky Thing About Digital Marketing

As a business owner, you most likely purchased an expensive website thinking it would keep your phone ringing. However, a few months in, the only time someone calls is to collect on an invoice.

Launching a successful brand online takes more than a flashy website and a memorable domain name. Without the right marketing partner assisting you, it’ll be next to impossible to break through all the noise of the competition.

How can you expect to compete with other companies who have been doing what you do for much longer? By now, they’ve already mastered the art of digital marketing, making it even more difficult for you to achieve results… No need to fret, we can totally help you gain the edge you need to grow.

When you need more customers, increase revenue, and take your business to the next level of success, you need an experienced marketing consultant you can trust for assistance. At Epic Web Marketing, we remain your all-in-one digital marketing partner, helping you grow your company and your brand more than you ever thought was possible.

We provide a wide array of options for web marketing and help you garner the attention you need most, from the customers you want.

Why continue trying to do what the big guys do by yourself when there is a better option out there? When you need the top digital marketing services here in Seattle or where ever you may be, you won’t find a more qualified group than our the team, here at Epic Web Marketing.




We are a digital marketing agency pushing the boundaries of design and functionality with modern, responsive, lead generation websites, on-page/off-page SEO, PPC and Display Advertising as well as some amazing Retargeting campaigns. 

We use technology, creativity, and countless hours of market research to develop results that are on another level and miles from our competition, to put you miles in front of yours.

With exceptional thought and strategy of your customer’s  experience and a streamlined development process, search engine optimization, and social media integration, to create digital solutions that are among the best in the industry

Have Your Site Reviewed by an SEO Expert for Free.

We will happily send you a video review of your online marketing efforts to show how you rank against your competition with no obligation to you!! IT’S A WIN/WIN!! You have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!

Affordable Web Solutions is Our Business,
So You Can Spend Your Time Growing Yours.

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